These Award-Winning Underwater Photos Are Absolutely Breathtaking

The Underwater Photography Guide announced the winners of the 2015 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition last week. Photographers from over 50 countries submitted entries, $70,000 in prizes were given out, and the whole range of ocean life was on display.
Here are some of our favorites:
Winner, Best of Show – “Feeling Exposed”

This larval cusk eel won best in show, and head judge Scott Gietler said “This eel has possibly never been photographed before, or even seen underwater by a diver.”


2nd Place, Wide-Angle Category – “Nemo is in Da House”



Honorable Mention, Wide-Angle Category – “The Game”

The yearly migration of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish only happens is in Whyalla, South Australia.


Honorable Mention, Wide-Angle Category – “Lagoon Ambience”



3rd Place, Macro Category – “The Drifter” – photo of a leptocephalus

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