Court rules Shenhua may destroy koala habitat for huge coalmine in NEW South Wales

A call for a petition to save these Wonderful  Koalas Natural Home..

  Company wins the right to move 262 koalas and destroy their habitat if $1.2bn Watermark coalmine goes ahead

The proposed $1.2bn Shenhua coalmine in New South Wales has been given the go-ahead to destroy the habitat of 262 koalas, which will be moved to another location if the mine goes ahead.
The decision was handed down by the NSW land and environment court on Friday in a case brought by local environment group Upper Mooki Landcare against Shenhua Watermark Coal and the NSW Minister for Planning.

The environmentalists argued the Planning Assessment Commission failed to assess whether the population of koalas in Gunnedah in northern NSW would be put at risk of extinction by the mine.
Sue Higginson from the NSW Environmental Defender’s Office, who represented Upper Mooki Landcare, said the result showed the NSW planning and threatened species acts failed to adequately protect wildlife against local extinctions.
The mine’s future is in doubt after revelations the company did not apply for a mining licence when it was expected to.
More to come

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